Auction Disclaimer

Important Details About How Auction works:
  • Please take a minute to look at these Auction Guidelines, Rules & Regulations before you begin bidding. By clicking on the “Enter Here” button at the bottom of this page, or by bidding on an item, you are confirming that you have read the information and agree to follow all rules and regulations and accept all terms specified.
  • Please note that individual auction items may have terms and conditions, such as expiration dates, that are not detailed in the descriptions. Expiration dates are generally at least two months from the auction date unless noted. Information about specific items is available upon request.
  • The Bidding Process:
    • All auction items are descibed in detail. Within each item’s box is a link to the “Bid Now” page.
    • When you click on the link you will open the Auction Form.
    • The Auction Form lists the Item Tilte, Item Id, Item Details, Current Bid,End Date for each item … the Current Bid if there has been any activity … and a place for you to enter your bid.
  • You are responsible for checking back periodically to see where your bidding holds — and to determine if you want to increase your bid(s) if you’ve already “lost” an item to a higher bidder.
  • is not responsible for notifying you if bidding exceeds your bid. If we do, as a courtesy, notify you that a bid exceeded yours, it does not obligate us to continue notifying you if future bids exceed yours.
  • Bidding CLOSES at 11:59pm PT* of End Date. (*California time)
  • Winners will be notified by Email at the your registration file. Payment for the item(s) you win will be either Money Order or PayPal.
  • Any violation of these rules may invalidate your bid.
TERMS OF AGREEMENT: By entering bids and participating in Auction, you agree to hold, its affiliates, directors, staff, volunteers and event chairs and committees harmless for any problems, injuries or losses arising out of any of the purchases you make through the auction. is only responsible for any inadvertent misrepresentation of the value of the items auctioned, and only to the extent of refunding the difference between the winning bid and a proven lesser value.

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